Infrastructure Optimization Assessment


In a span of 10 years, the cost of hardware has gone down drastically. But, as companies grow their IT infrastructures grow along with them and, more often than not, this growth is uneven. Consequently, the demand to address the needs of business users also grows. In order to meet these demands organizations undergo another round of unstructured addition of business applications and systems. More features and functionalities mean more variables and augmentations to the existing infrastructure making the entire system harder to manage and support and hence, more expensive. Clearly, the IT department has to become a more efficient, strategic asset for the business and needs to help solve problems proactively, not simply be reactive.

Why Thakral One

Thakral One’s Infrastructure Optimization Assessment service helps you answer questions like "How can I simplify my infrastructure and management?", "How can I reduce costs and complexity?" and "How can I improve security?". The offering provides a suite of services to help you understand and optimize your existing architecture and get a holistic view of your global infrastructure. In order to ensure you get the best return on investment this service provides numerous possible scenarios of new architectures and/or recommended optimization processes.


The Infrastructure Optimization Model (IO), developed using industry best practices by Microsoft, presents a simple way to use a maturity framework that is flexible and can easily be used as the benchmark for technical capability and business value. This helps customers understand and subsequently improve the current state of their IT infrastructure in terms of cost, security risk and operational agility. Dramatic cost savings can be realized by moving from an unmanaged environment towards a dynamic environment. IT infrastructure management changes from highly manual and reactive to highly automated and proactive.

Thakral One will partner you in the IO journey - From Identifying Where You Are to Where You Want To Be. The objective is to move your IT Infrastructure from being a “Cost Center” to a “Business Enabler and Strategic Asset”.


Benefits You Can Derive
Enhanced Network, Desktop, and Server Productivity
Reduced IT Costs and a Reduction in Ad-hoc Support through Standardization
Higher Levels of the IO




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