The price of light is less than the cost of darkness.

Arthur C. Nielsen

Solve business challenges with data-driven business insights

Demystify your data. Understand your customers. Maximise your corporate performance.

Every business decision you make should be informed by fact. With unlimited access to the right data, you can solve business challenges and make critical business decisions with conviction.

Thakral One offers business information and analytics solutions that combine the latest technology with our expertise to make your data work for you. By understanding your business challenges and objectives, we are able to identify the complementing analytics approach, data requirements and information delivery framework needed to execute a holistic solution that will deliver actionable answers and insights for your organisation.

Discover answers & opportunities.

Execute informed business strategies.

Maximise your business performance.  

Understanding the way your business works is essential for its success. But making strategic decisions is difficult if your data is scattered across siloed systems or if your team is struggling to understand the complexities of a manual system. If you end up making decisions based on gut feeling alone, how do you know they are the right ones?

Our integrated business intelligence solutions connect the dotsand give you access to insights and a unified view across every aspect of your organisation. With less time spent on report development, users are free to add real value to the business. 

You get the right information, when you need it, where you need it.


  • Visualisation

    Compile information from different sources into easy-to-understand graphs and reports that are customised to your business needs. With highly visual, interactive dashboards, you will be able to spot previously unnoticed trends and patterns through advanced data exploration.

  • Performance

    Streamline your system to remove redundant or repetitive tasks that restrict your team's workflow. Our accessible, responsive framework coupled with training allows for faster querying, reporting and data extraction, so you can maximise corporate performance, increase efficiency and boost productivity in the office.

  • Collaboration

    By implementing powerful analytical solutions in your existing communication systems, we make it easy for users to collaborate across offices in multiple locations. Through interactive annotations and comments, teams can share ideas for productive conversations and optimised strategies.

  • Mobility

    With compatibility across multiple platforms and devices, including iPads, Android tablets and smartphones, users can access critical data on the go. The result? Faster updates and decisions and higher productivity.

Discover new ways to provide a first-class customer experience.

Understanding your customer leads to better customer retention. And every interaction with your customer is an opportunity to learn more about them and provide a highly tailored experience. Are you sitting on an untapped goldmine of unused data?

We provide comprehensive customer analytics that help you understand your customers so that you can create a positive customer experience that turns occasional shoppers into loyal patrons. Our powerful analytics monitor spending habits, behaviours and market trends to deliver insightful customer data that you’ve never had before, allowing you to launch highly personalised, automated campaigns. Best of all, you can track successes and failures to decide which channels perform best andwhere to better utilise your spend.

We consolidate your data, strip away manual processes and implement an analytics framework to illuminate insights and identify opportunities. Understand your customer andwatch those conversion rates soar.

  • Acquisition

    Our solutions give you a comprehensive view of your customers’ buying journey. When you know what’s working and what isn’t, you cansave your budget for targeted, customer-specific offers and promotions that convert unsure buyers and focus on high-yield customers.

  • Marketing

    Our solutions ensure your ability to not only segment your customers and send targeted offers, but track responses and analyse the success of individual campaigns. With such insights, you are better able to allocate your marketing budget to campaigns and channels that work.

  • Cross-Sell/Up-Sell

    Learn more about your customers’ current buying behaviour, predict future spending habits and explore trending opportunities. By understanding what appeals to your customers’ specific interests, you can better bundle your products and services to maximise your profits.

  • Retention

    With predictive analytics, you can be proactiverather than reactive. Anticipate your customers’ next moves to offer membership renewals, store credit or vouchers based on their buying preferences and extend their customer journey.


The Talent

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  • Partners

    We partner with global leaders offering first-class BI and Analytics technologies and services to empower you with fast decision-making capabilities.

  • Constant Innovation

    Whether you require a template or custom-built framework, we provide a cutting-edge solution to suit you.

  • Expertise

    As a leading independent vendor in the business intelligence market, we have years of experience working with organisations around the globe.

  • Flexible Solutions

    We believe no one-size solution fits all, so we will always recommend the solution that we feel suits your specific needs.