Applications & Cloud

The cloud provides business agility, enabling companies to grow or retract IT resources on demand.

David Linthicum

Empower your business with agile applications that cost less to run

Replace legacy systems. Cut down the costs of application management on-site. Gain the flexibility to operate your business on your terms.

IT assets grow and age quickly, and owning and operating an in-house infrastructure to manage your data can cost you valuable time and money. It’s time to harness the power of the cloud.

Our Application & Cloud solutions support your evolution as provider of goods and services to your customers, successfully transitioning your business from transactional Systems of Records to experiential Systems of Engagement.

We help you understand when and how to evolve your specialised solutions, whether that is through pre-built frameworks, off-the-shelf products or one-of-a-kind systems built from scratch. Our highly-specialised consultants are on hand to lead your implementation initiatives from start to finish, guaranteeing seamless integration of workflows, data flows, data migration, regulatory compliance and data protection throughout the process. Best of all, all our high-performance cloud-based solutions are cognizant of core business goals to ensure they work to your specific budget constraints and strategy objectives. 

Integrate flexible cloud-based applications.


Enjoy the flexibility to scale up or down.


And then allocate your saved money and manpower where your business needs it most.

With the support and expertise of our team, cloud-based applications can seamlessly be integrated into your existing system. Look forward to lower maintenance costs, simpler access and improved growth potential.

We offer a range of scalable, flexible and highly efficient solutions, which we have implemented for some of the biggest names in the private and government sectors. From consulting to IT service management, platform solutions to enterprise resource planning, we provide the technical and functional expertise you need to implement your strategy and maintain your cloud-based applications after launch.

Access your applications anywhere, anytime, and enjoy functionality and productivity at a whole new level. 

  • Consult

    With our proven track record working with industry leaders in the private and government sectors, we offer an unparalleled level of expertise to guide you through the process of cloud integration. We work closely with you to suggest scalable solutions that leverage on existing investments or transform your legacy applications entirely.

  • Implement

    Replace or merge your physical infrastructure with a virtual infrastructure, migrate data across platforms seamlessly and streamline your supply chain processes with support from our best-of-breed partner solutions and our own expert guidance.

  • Integrate

    To ensure seamless integration, ongoing reliability and operating excellence, we test your cloud-based applications before implementation to ensure they meet regulatory standards and industry best practices and check for any compatibility, performance, scalability, security and usability issues.

  • Support

    We are available to advise and empower your business through continuous support, allowing you to optimise your new environment and fine-tune processes based on your needs.

The Talent

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Rishi Singh Kumar



  • Adaptability

    Following industry best practices, we keep our finger on the pulse and constantly evolve to ensure we are always offering best-in-class solutions.

  • Expertise

    We have years of experience working in advisory and technical support capacities, ensuring seamless cloud integration at leading organisations in private and government sectors.

  • Ownership

    We take complete ownership over the successful implementation of your strategy, allowing you to focus on maintaining business operations and generating revenue.

  • Regional reach

    We offer consistent service provision across the region to ensure a streamlined process and compliance with all data security regulations countrywide.