At its core, banking is not simply about profit, but about personal relationships.

Felix Rohatyn

Banking centred around your customers

Empower customers. Discover new growth opportunities. Lead the pack.

Thakral One offers end-to-end banking services to financial institutions operating in the retail, corporate, investment and wealth management spaces.

We recognise that such institutions are under pressure to meet the changing demands of their customers and employees, who expect to have access to information on the move. These institutions need to remain agile, dynamic and adaptable to stay ahead in today’s increasingly challenging environment.  

From core banking transformations to enterprise applications, we deliver solutions that are centred around technology, integration and business operations to reduce your time to market and keep you ahead. We achieve this through a combination of business consulting, risk management and technology expertise; deep customer insights; and partnerships with first-class accredited solution providers around the world.


Meet changing customer needs.


Maintain agile banking operations.


Improve time to market with the right tasks and the right technologies at the right time.

Thakral One extends its knowledge services beyond pure management consulting to support your enterprise’s transformation. We listen to your needs and conform with regulatory imperatives to provide tangible IT and Business solutions. 

Our consultants have in-depth knowledge of the banking industry. They consistently work on projects at the leading edge of system functionality, which demands a high level of expertise and an awareness of industry-led changes.  To maintain these exceptional standards, we source, train and coach the best talent worldwide.

This, combined with our strong partner network, establishes Thakral One as your partner of choice.

Capitalise on disruptive technologies to make waves as a leader in your industry. 


  • Discover

    Technology can change the way you work and the way your customers interact with your organisation. We identify new ways to modernise your existing applications and suggest solutions that can be integrated seamlessly.

  • Implement

    Our team of subject matter experts, picked from our global pool of talent, oversee the implementation process. With backing from reputable vendors and years of experience in the field, these certified professionals turn your challenges into opportunities and strategies into reality. Our ability to define and translate what is needed is a benefit that our banking clients recognise as the key to smooth project delivery and faster time to market.

Interactive services have revolutionised the banking and financial services industries. As a result, organisations need to engage their users at every level. Outdated or complex processes only hinder those who plan to stand out in a competitive market.

One-of-a-kind core banking experiences need reliability at their core. That is why we offer both augmentation and end-to-end business delivery of world-class TEMENOS solutions including T24, AML, TCIB & Wealth Suite.  Our specialists have the in-depth functional knowledge and technical expertise required to ensure a streamlined and smooth process from start to finish, with minimal disruption to your ongoing business operations.

Follow industry best practices and integrate world-class technologies to build a system you can rely on

  • Support

    We provide 360° support across all aspects of your project, ensuring clear communication between you and the technology vendors to translate the business need, and provide the systems integrators with onsite functional and technical support to ensure smooth implementation and faster time to market.

  • Manage

    With subject matter, business consulting and technology expertise, we are uniquely positioned to add value through our management services. Our consultants have experience working with banks in compliance, focusing on FCC, MIFID, AML, KYC and FATCA. Every step of the way, we listen to your needs, recommend best-in-class solutions and deliver on our promises.

    • Project Management
    • Governance
    • Risk Management
    • Process Re-engineering
    • People Change Management
    • Regulatory Compliance

  • Efficiency

    We implement a highly efficient workflow with the aim of getting our clients to market in the quickest time possible and with minimum disruption to their business.

  • Partners

    Thanks to our far-reaching and long-standing relationships with market-leading vendors worldwide, we have access to a large pool of expert resources as well as best-selling solutions.

  • Expertise

    Striving for transparent service delivery and demonstrable results, our specialised experts are at the heart of our successful track record working with industry leaders around the globe.