You can have a ridiculously enormous and complex data set, but if you have the right tools and methodology then it’s not a problem.

Aaron Koblin

Future-proof your business and build an infrastructure with strong foundations

Take the quick wins. Plan to replace as you grow. Be ready for the next wave.

When faced with rapid expansion and a growing mound of data, businesses end up with a maze of information that is almost impossible to navigate effectively. This costs more money and time on maintenance in the long run.

Whether you need to consolidate internal communications on one platform, analyse customer interactions through CRM, standardise contract lifecycles with CLM, or manage processes with a robust ERP system, we implement an interoperable, reliable infrastructure so you can put your focus back where it really belongs – business growth and customer satisfaction.

The Thakral Group heritage allows us to offer innovative cost models that suit your budget constraints, all with the in-built flexibility to scale and upgrade in the future.

Optimise performance and reduce costs.


Scale your system as your business grows.


All with a streamlined, secure infrastructure.

An inefficient, inflexible or ageing infrastructure is hard to manage, hard to support and expensive to maintain. And driving business growth is difficult if an outdated infrastructure is dragging you down.

Take control with our customised infrastructure solutions. We design, maintain and protect secure data centres so you have access to your data any time, streamlining the decision-making process and boosting productivity. Thanks to our established relationships with principal product vendors, we offer end-to-end, best-in-class solutions that scale as you grow. And if your business outgrows its current applications, we support your sagging structure, providing full system integration with APIs.  This ensures all systems work together, facilitating the flow of information between your key business functions.

Be proactive rather than reactive and rationalise your data to cut maintenance costs, save process time, spare resources and improve your bottom line. 


  • Design

    Digital advancements in cloud technologies provide you with more options for data storage. With our comprehensive implementation and migration services, we target your specific needs to deliver an optimised, cost-effective data centre that supports new-age advantages and future innovation.

  • Maintain

    Equipment is only as effective as the people who configure and maintain it. Our experts consider all performance and security benefits as well as any possible negative implications before suggesting any changes to your infrastructure.

As technology continues to develop at a dizzying pace, there is no question that stringent cybersecurity measures are essential. Are your internal systems and sensitive data protected from external attacks?

With a background in banking, we remain conscious of the ongoing discussion around data protection and privacy. And we have established a reputation for excellence through our advanced data protection and recovery services, which effectively mitigate your exposure to risk. We take a hands-on, holistic approach and consider industry trends, your budget and overall strategy before suggesting the ideal back-up plan for you.

Enjoy peace of mind with an infrastructure that combines agility and functionality with security and reliability.


  • Secure

    Not only is your data monitored 24/7 to protect against internal and external threats, we adhere to industry best practices and strict internal policies for a secure, dependable service. 

  • Recover

    If your system goes down for any reason, you are in safe hands.Our disaster recovery service gets your systems up and running as quickly as possible to ensure minimal impact to your business.

The Talent

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  • Partners

    We work closely with world-class technology partners to leverage the latest solutions and train for real-life business scenarios.

  • Value

    To support you as you unlock value in your business, we offer innovative alternatives to traditional operating models at cost-effective prices. 

  • Regional reach

    As a leading independent vendor in infrastructure services, we have years of experience supporting prestigious organisations around the region.

  • Funding

    With our rich heritage and strong financial backing from Thakral Group, we have the capability to source and supply pioneering solutions.